Keeping Track of Your Competition in California

Sales Training Tips: Knowledge of Your Californina Business' Competition

The Importance of Knowledge of Your CA Business' Competition

While it is hard enough running a business and marketing your products by getting noticed online, the last thing you want to worry about is your competition and what they are doing. But if you want higher traffic and exposure online, you need to know and monitor your competition. Competing online is a little different from competing with your local "Brick and Mortar" competition; there are a lot more techniques and (if done right) easier ways to stay ahead of the pack.

Knowing your competition

You MUST know your competition, and I don't mean "the Jones" that run a rival business down the road. Online competition is often a business you have never seen or visited and is going to be unknown to you because for every keyword or key phrase you are trying to rank for will have different competitors.

Sales Training Four Steps to Help Outrank Competition in California

Steps to out rank the competition:

  1. Once you discover the business you are competing with for the group of key words and phrases you want rank high for, there are a number of steps that should help you with your own ranking and standing.
  2. Find your competitors angle and compare it to your own. When selling the same products or services, see what their selling point is and how it compares to yours. Try to figure what unique and compelling ways you can attract more customers to your site.
  3. Examine if your competitor is forgetting or neglecting a portion of your shared target audience. This can open a door for you to gather potential sales.
  4. By monitoring your competition's online presence and website you will know if they are creating a new service or offering a special that might hurt your potential sales. This will help you be prepared for a counter offer or service, giving you a chance to strengthen your position.

Spending a few minutes each month reviewing how your key phrases show on the web as well as monitoring who ranks above you and below you can yield huge dividends in terms of leads and sales.

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