The Power of “Free” in California

Sales Training Attract Customers by Offering Free Products and Services in California

Everyone likes free things. In business, a good way to attract customers is to offer something for free. Free is a powerful and proven marketing term that attracts customers. Prospects are much more likely to take a look at your business when they see that they can get something for free. People feel a pull towards places that offer free things.

When you are offering something for free to the customer follow these criteria:

  • Free samples that appeal to the customer – If you want to get the full benefit of offering something for free, the free thing you have to offer needs to be something that the customer actually wants or needs. For example, if you are a consultation firm, offering a free consultation is something that would appeal to the customer and make them come in. Make them feel like it's worth it to come take a look.
  • Offer something that doesn't makes you lose money in the long run – You want to offer something that has high perceived value to the customer, but at the same time you want to make sure the thing that you are offering doesn't hurt your business. Look at the long-term value of the customer or the overall value of the expected sale. Make sure that the free thing your offering is something that you can afford, but always meaningful to the customer (i.e. not giving the free keychain with your logo on it)
  • Make sure it's something that gives you an advantage over your competitors – This is very important because part of what you're trying to do is stand out. If you're offering the exact same thing as your competitors you are not going to gain an advantage over them, you're just going to be one and the same. A great example of this is free online shipping. Consumers now expect many websites to offer free shipping, so by offering free shipping you are not gaining an advantage over your competitors; you are just keeping pace with them. As a result, in order to stand out you might need to offer free online shipping and the guarantee you will ship the items out faster than your competitors. (i.e. instead of the customer having to wait three days to receive their order, they will only have to wait two.)
  • Offer something for free as long as the customer spends a certain amount – This concept has been extremely successful with online shoppers. This has been extremely successful because it has made customers spend more money in order to receive the free item. Research has shown that without the free item dangling in front of them, most customers would've actually spent significantly less money.

Use "free" to encourage the upsell.

Samples of Free Items to Offer the Customer Sales Training throughout California

Here are some examples of what you can offer to the customer:

  • Free shipping
  • "Buy one, get one free"
  • Free sample of service or product
  • Coupon for free services on your next visit
  • Free services/products after 10 purchases
  • Having free services for a certain period of time
  • Free trial of service (day, week, month, etc)
  • Free services for referrals
  • Customer reward card (promotes loyalty)
  • Free newsletter/magazine
  • Thank you cards for shopping with you

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As important as offering the customer enticing deals is, so is knowing how to promote the offers to the customers. There are many ways which have proven to be effective in drawing customers. One is creating a free online newsletter where you can list your free offers. The benefit of this is that not only are you able to promote your product, you have customers' contact information and are developing a rapport with them. The second is using your company or business website to place coupons that will draw the customers. A third way to promote your offers is using the bags which the customers are placing items they already purchased items, and offering them free items.

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