Sales Training on Referrals for California Business

How Sales Training Helped a California Business Get More Referrals

Sales Training CaliforniaReferrals are a great way to get more quality leads. A quality referral can also open the doors to many influential prospects. During a sales training with a Los Angeles-based manufacturing firm, we focused on the topic of generating referrals. In addition to the sales team getting referrals, we developed a challenge to have everyone in the organization give two referrals to the sales department that could benefit from their products.

The staff that was not in the sales department appreciated the concept that everyone could play a role in growing the organization. However, staff that is not used to sales can find it difficult to ask for referrals. They are not sure who to ask or how to ask. Overcoming these objections is essential if you want your entire team to help with lead generation. As I observed the body language of some of the people in the room, I got the feeling they were unsure of who to ask. This problem was addressed by simply helping everyone understand that they all knew of great opportunities to get referrals. We created a simple letter to help train them on how to remember who to ask for a referral.

Below is the draft of the note we sent out to the entire team both emphasizing what the owner want them to do as well as helping them realize the request is actually rather easy. You may need to tweak the examples I used to be more targeted to your prospecting needs, but the note’s structure should make that pretty easy. The sales training was in Los Angeles for a firm that manufactured audio/video equipment so the note is tailored to prospects that could refer them into god opportunities.

And the note to send to the team:

Dear Team Members,

During our sales meeting last week I asked everyone in the organization to come up with two referrals to help us make more sales in the Los Angeles market and reach our goals of supplying customers with some of the best audio visual products in the Los Angeles area. The quality of our products makes our customers look good as well as helps them satisfy their needs too.

Sales Training Guide to Easily Asking For Referrals in California:

  • 1. Think about who can use our products whether you know them or not.
    • This could be the principle of a school, someone active on the school board, someone active with events, managers of hotels, owners of online stores, owners of e-commerce websites, facility managers, pastors, priests or other local religious leaders, etc.
  • 2. Realize how we can help them such as:
    • Principle wants audio visual tools to help with visual learning to improve test scores and education
    • School board members want to improve visual learning to help students as well
    • Event planner wants to enhance the interactive experience and happy to improve audience experience
    • Manager of hotel knows if they improve meetings, the more customers book their venue
    • Owners of online stores (e-commerce sites) look for quality suppliers and great products
    • Facility managers want to install quality equipment they can count on
    • Local house of worship can use audio/video equipment to help congregation experience sermon
  • 3. Recognize we all know people and those people know people too.
    • Who do you know on the above list?
    • Who do you know that knows people on the above list?
      Example: Your neighbor may be a nurse at local hospital and can give you name of a hospital administrator or facility manager they are friendly with.
  • 4. Or
  • 5. Neighbor, best friend, or you knows principal at the local school or someone on the school board.
  • 6. Get the name, number and email of two of these people. They can benefit from our solutions or they can put us in touch with the person that can help people benefit from our solutions.
  • 7. We are not asking for two names of people that are looking to buy audio/visual equipment. We are asking for two names of people that can benefit (or help someone else benefit) from our product solutions.
  • 8. Please take a moment to recognize who you know. Contribute to the health and growth of our team by giving that contact information to the sales manager.

Thank you,

Sales Manger of the Los Angeles office
By getting your entire team trained on asking for referrals, as well as other sales training techniques, new doors are continually opened. When your entire team understands that everyone plays a role in the sales process, the ROI of the entire organization improves.

Mark Anthony delivers sales training and team building programs in Los Angeles as well as throughout the entire U.S.A.