Sales Training

Sales Training Customized to Your Industry in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and Throughout All of California

With over 20 years of experience, our sales training team excels at creating industry specific programs for clients on six of the seven continents. We create programs for both businesses and individuals, which allows us to focus on specific strengths and weaknesses.

Our unique sales improvement courses employ proven methods that are successful not only in California, but throughout the world. By making every client the focal point of their uniquely structured program, we ensure that you get the most out of the program and thus have your sales numbers increase!

Our Highly Interactive and Customized Sales Training Programs Will Improve Sales for Your California Business.

These Programs Include:

Role playing exercises that reinforce the items learned to be used in an everyday, real world environment. It allows employees to shape each sales technique to the individual prospects that they are dealing with at the time.

Will quickly tailor sales to the prospect’s need and are designed to convert challenging prospects into a sale and making the difficult customer a returning customer

Proven customer service methods that are universally successful:

  • Small class sizes make it easier for one on one attention
  • Our training programs will help you achieve your sales goals.

Outlined below is a sample Workshop course:

  • The Art of the Sales Calls
  • The Art of Turned the Prospect Into a Buyer
  • The Art of Building People Skills and Working on Your Presentation

Sample Course Outlines


This program prepares your sales representatives with proven and successful methods necessary to quickly control a sales call.


Sales representatives will learn:

The extensive and intensive review, role-playing and practice of sales techniques, mixed with videotaping, allows your sales representative to fortify every aspect of their presentation.
This sales training program contains all of the successful business strategies and contains all the sales development techniques that are part of the two day program.
As always, each sales program is tailored to your company, your industry and your team. In addition, each sales program incorporates the sales skills and tools utilized by your top achievers. Programs can be delivered at a location of your choosing or at our California Training Center.

  • Friendly rapport-building methods that will help lead to long term relationships
  • 11 different ways to gain your prospect’s attention in a matter of seconds and give a quality first impression
  • Questions that create trust and allow the representative to understand the prospects needs
  • The most important technique you need to handle an objection
  • Eight steps to uncover the concealed reasons that a prospect doesn’t buy
  • Four-part technique to identify and accentuate the benefits compared to your competition
  • Ten different closes for powerful results


This sales course gives your sales representatives all the skills required to increase their sales, close more often and surpass their quotas, regardless of their levels of expertise.
The two day seminar integrates all the benefits and training techniques of the one day seminar.

Sales representatives will also learn:

  • Eight ways to show and prove a product’s usefulness, value, and quality
  • Four steps to sell product benefits rather than features
  • 21 ways to ensure that your presentation is not only unique, but also memorable
  • Three proven and successful techniques that ensure that your sales representatives are better listeners
  • A three-point system to increase the number of cold calls made by your representatives by a minimum of 20%
  • Seven successful methods that will help your sales representatives overcome objections
  • Goal setting and visualization exercises to help increase motivation and have sales reps achieve 100% of their potential

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